What's the answer of the life, universe and everything?

2010年12月26日 星期日

Micro$oft &Apple &Google(colored)

It took me a week from lining to finish coloring. Ahhhh... I feel a bit sick of seeing it now...
Well, I shouldn't have submitted a png pic.

2010年12月19日 星期日

Have to keep silence...

Sometimes I was eager to spread sth out, but soon realized that I'd better swallow them back. It's been a long time, too long that I've been used to keep silence, though I don't want to. Resently I drew new pics, while I found that I have no place to store them. Or maybe I should just burn them up, like they burnt up my life. There're much things I don't want to do, but I have no choice. Perhaps one day I could get an opportunity to flee from all this, that's why I'm here and still exist. :)

P.S.Since there's no one except me, I'm gonna put my extra pics in here, for nobody would care.

2010年12月6日 星期一

The Creed - Assassin's Creed Music Video

I've been considering of share this for quite a while... Love Assassin'sCreed and X-Ray Dog!

2010年12月5日 星期日

Another personification

Here comes the jammie party...
Well this time it's Microsoft start the party, this time Google felt regret again and try to flee but unfortunately Micro noticed this and had no means to just let him be, then...
(I'm making bad work again so forget about it.  :<)

2010年11月27日 星期六


I drawed Microsoft, Apple and Google's personifications, although it's nether clear nor special... but I still enjoyed the process XD. Google has a hoodie, which is my best loved! Apple, Google, Microsoft from left to right. They're dancing together. It's obvious that Apple doesn't want to join them at all, while Micro is so excited that he's even happier than Google who's the virtual starter of this.

2010年11月25日 星期四




由於不怎麼寫東西,所以還不清楚這個BLOG用來做什麼,不過不管怎樣……總有一天會派上用場的。BLOG的名稱是42,這是一個答案——生命,宇宙以及一切的答案(源自“銀河系漫遊指南”——不要恐慌!),很遺憾的是我看不太懂這個答案的含義,也許是因為我還不理解問題。不管怎樣,我希望這一次,在我們的世界,地球不要在差五分鐘就算出答案的時候被拆遷- -……

啊,突然想到其實我可以拿這個BLOG放圖片用!(是說你的相冊還不夠多麼= =)