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2011年2月4日 星期五

Google vs Bing (just some speculations)

I should have submited this earlier, but my dearest furious mama just threw my lap and I outta our house so...

I've watched Google and bing fight for quite a while for collecting some public opinions. Then, having been analyzed what I've got this time and what I already have in the pass, I tend to believed that bing did something wrong even if it didn't break the law. I noticed that there're some ones who didn't believe so due to they thought bing can give better results, here are my understanding.

Google did imitated some effects of bing's,but they're untechnically and can be explained by trying to provide better expirences for users in some minor ways. After all, users don't judge a search engine by how its interface looks like but focus on the results it sends back. By the way, the page preview function is not bing's innovation, an extension of firefox did so on Google years ago. You can say that Microsoft imitated it while Google just picked up what they used to have.

What bing came up with were simple: it was okay that bing didn't know how did Google do some search works better, just copying whatever it found satisfied the users. It's much more convinient to get a better result than updating its algorithm, not to mention how cheaper it is than hiring more engineers to fight against Google: let Google fight against itself, it'd never win. It is like coping your deskmate's paper during the exams ( darn I've dealed with those guys for years). Never think that those cheaters can not get higher marks than yours, I met someones who were really skillful on this. Now I'd like to give an explaination.
From the pic, bing did not stupidly copying Google every times thanks to the way it spys on Google. It only copy those are better than its own, graduelly. It's hard to distinguish those more adviced answers from the others during a real exam, but it's easier to search engines which usually judge this by statisticing users' click. Bing is not that silly who copies all of Google's better results at once or putting spiders on Google's web, Google would discover that, so do users. And that's why most of the users cannot get the same result as which of Google's trap even if they tried to examine bing. Microsoft is a company which has kicked dozens of companies into hell which once did much better jobs in a field than it did, which make it very experienced and cautious. So no thinking of you can catch it without resources and experiences like Google.

So what will be brought to bing after this clever copying? Higher satisfaction! Of course they did since it's got what Google's been good at to make up itself's own defects and left Google falling down onto what it wasn't. Don't forget, according to the intimation of Microsoft, bing doesn't refuse to artificial search results adjustments as a Chinese  search engine named Baidu ( is this what you've learnt from China, Micro?). Contributing to all above, it seems that bing did better this time anyway.
You may think this is clever or at least does no harms to you, not at all! Every unhealthy trend causes disastrous consequences, it's just the matter of will you be spreaded sooner or latter.  

I don't know when did Google started suspecting bing's "little tricks", it's no doult that Google kept this secret so carefully even Microsoft didn't realize it until Google accused to its face. Pics of Google's trap has been reprinted widely so I'm not going to place them, I'd describe it by pics of my own instead.
After being catched by Google in sting, Microsoft got another way to pick on Google: click fraud. It's true that you cannot attract bing to your honeypot by only 20 clicks, I guess bing must somehow has a standard to help it decide whether it should copy a series of results or not. It's also unrealistic to drag hundreds and thousands engineers to do this simple test, Google doesn't hire them for this kind of "work". It wasn't part of most of them's duty and the more people knows, the more possible the plan may leaked. So Google may use some ways lack of property, but as far as we know, invalid clicks can sometimes get same effect as normal ones(sometimes, but never more), at least in Google's test. Whether Google used improper ways wouldn't influence the result only that Microsoft lost the chances of getting known from some careless employees of Google.
Fact is fact, Microsoft was caught in time before they destroying Google like what they've done to Netscape and numerous small companies. Microsoft has been doing a great job in destroying those who were standing in its way, this time it was even overperforming that there're really bunches of people who consider bing as an independent one--NO, THE POSITION OF BING IS NOT EXIST AND WILL NEVER EXIST BECAUSE BING IS NOTHING BUT A PART OF A GIANT EVIL CORPORATION NAMED MICROSOFT! if there's anything imperfect, it is that Microsoft just lets Google growing so big that not only does it remember how Microsoft killed those standard-bearers but can also trap Microsoft itself. Google also payed, no one can fight Microsoft without self-injured.  

There're also groups of guys believes that Google accused bing because Google is afraid of bing. Sounds as silly as those who stick into a wierd point of view that Baidu is better than Google in China. Stop thinking about bing this or bing that, it's not a fight between Google and bing. What Google is concerning about is the one standing behind bing whom I guess no one would say it's no need to keep an eye on. Don't be fooled by Microsoft. It is not bing who is preventing Google from ruling the world of searching, it is Google who tries to prevent Microsoft from ruling the world of future. The way Microsoft choose to improve their search result is very dangerous that it may push the search "development" into a swirl of obsolate informations and endless duplicating(or will it really be endless?). Microsoft tried to mislead users by spreading a "belief" that search engine without working on its algorithm like a paranoid can also goes further. Only Microsoft can make it the way of which I'll discuss next time.
In this case, a thought keeps haulting me: will bing also copies the results from other search engines? Other less that famous or powerful ones which gathering their handful of users' attention drop by drop and definitely don't have the ability and energy to even find out what they've been done to? If bing can copy from Google, it can copy from others by the same way. It's just like Google said that it will not intervern its search results artificially, after all it has that ability.

It's really depressed to see a cheater stealing your efforts of years' hard working by simply copying the final result especially to Google which treats search as its beating heart. I mean, even Baidu( it also copied Google's search result when Google was still in China) would change it here and there to makes it less like copying. Bing wouldn't kills Google in sudden, it just wounds Google, letting it bleeding to death after a long time which seems to be the users choice eliminates it. Very clever I'd say. But how does it works? I've run out of my pics this time and I'm going to put those contents into my next blog if anyone has that interest to read.

Sorry for my poor English writing.